What is OctaForge?

OctaForge is a 3D game engine based on Tesseract. It comes with complete scripting in Lua, which allows you to create your own games easily using the provided API. The API allows for creation of custom entities, game logic, AI, particle effects, UI and other things.

As OctaForge is powered by LuaJIT, one of the fastest JIT engines around, the scripting is very fast and efficient. That allows many things to be scripted without any performance loss.

OctaForge is also aiming to become a game publishing hub where people will be able to publish their own games for other people to play. That still requires a lot more work though, and the main focus is currently the engine.

How can I get OctaForge?

You can either download a snapshot or clone our Git repository and compile it yourself. Snapshots are available for x86 and x86_64, for Linux and Windows, debug and release. Other supported operating systems include FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Mac and Windows are currently largely untested though (the situation will improve in coming weeks).

How can I get involved?

Your starting point would be to pop in on our IRC channel, #octaforge on FreeNode. There you can find more information about what tasks are currently available and what is needed to do. It's also a support channel, providing help with OctaForge issues.