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I'm finally back to working on OctaForge and I decided to summarize what has been happening recently.

My new job and settling down in a new country has made it difficult for me to work on personal projects for a while. It may take a few more days for me to get back to things properly but overall I'm pretty much back.

There are some changes that have been done for a while but I haven't announced them yet:

New FTP server

OctaForge 0.3.0 Beta 11


Here I am with yet another release. With this one we're starting the 0.3.x series of the engine, nearing usability for regular users very fast. So what are the changes?

OctaForge 0.2.9 Beta 10


I decided to take a break after the last release to get some more energy, thus this one was delayed and doesn't contain as many changes, some of them are interesting nevertheless.

Procedural sky

Tesseract added support for procedural sky/atmosphere. It's now used by default in OF, too (instead of shipping a skybox). You can control it using the atmo vars. It doesn't have clouds, so you'll have to supply a cloudbox if needed.

Scripting library organization changes

OctaForge 0.2.8 Beta 9


And another delayed release is here. This one was supposed to put an end to bad GUIs and it did, at least to some degree.

Non-UI changes

There were quite few of these this time around. The naming system changed in a few places. For example, object constructors are now called "__ctor" instead of "__init", "properties" table is "__properties", "activate" method is "__activate" - all these entity "metafields" got two underscores. Besides that, various bugs and small issues were fixed, but not too much of these.

UI changes

OctaForge 0.2.7 Beta 8


Firstly - sorry this release was delayed, but I was really busy with other stuff. Anyway, I got quite a lot of work done, mainly on the UI front.

Upstream imports

I'll start with these. There are two significant features imported from upstream. The main one is support for the Oculus Rift VR, which can currently be enabled on 32bit and 64bit Linux. The UI in OF was modified accordingly so that it acts as a HUD.

The other feature is a GI block material. It can be used to reduce global illumination bleeding in places.

OctaForge 0.2.6 Beta 7


Today I released a yet another OF beta. It brings many important changes.

Btw, if you feel like helping the project, donate:

Lots of cleanups and small fixes, new logo and menu background

You can now save a map from cubescript (savemap). We have a new logo. You can see it here:

A call for donations

By now, the target has been reached and I ordered the new laptop from (Clevo W230ST) for the total price of 1077 EUR (with 16GB RAM and 128GB SSD) incl. shipping. It should arrive by next week - Clevo is having problems with satisfying the demand so it takes longer to deliver. Thanks again to everyone who donated.

Hi again,

OctaForge 0.2.5 Beta 6


And it's here, after two weeks as promised. The amount of changes is not as big this time, but there are some quite significant ones.

More module cleanups

OctaForge 0.2.4 Beta 5


This time after 3 weeks a new release is out. I was ill for almost a week so I couldn't work on it much - thus I decided to move this one by a week to make up for it a bit. This is one of the biggest regular releases yet.

Particle and decal API improvements

OctaForge 0.2.3 Beta 4


It's yet again time for a new release. The amount of changes is similar to the previous release, providing new features, stabilization of various things and this time also major breakages.

Texture scale changes


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